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Humaid, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Emirati

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Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Humaid enjoys his Career whether in the field of Broadcasting / Production / Dj ing and Marketing Brands in Business Development projects. For more than a decade, Humaid has played important roles in the media industry and in some of the biggest projects in the Emirates to attract and entertain by creating USP’s for the brands that he has been involved with. He played important roles in developing and presenting on Channel 4, Radio1, and at Formula 1, Red Bull Air Race, Al Ain Air Shows, WOMAD, Creamfields. His extensive radio experience also includes an understanding of the synergy between the culture of creativity of any product or project to give it an Emarati touch to be more appealing to the region’s target audience and core demographic. He can curate Music of all Styles / Genres and Languages , for associating the audience with every Local Event for Brand Recognition, Promoted brands and Events like Forbes Arabia| Fashion Shows | Al Ain Air show | Volvo Ocean Race | Creamfields Abu Dhabi | Ministry Of Sound | Café Del Mar | Pacha He works with Analysis and data through surveys and strategic planning Progress to fit into the challenging market to attract more audience in the UAE - Regionally and internationally by using new media tactics. Humaid with a humble low profile seems to always be the first point of call. With a deep understanding and appreciation of Arabic and Western cultures, He has carved a unique place in the social & Entertainment Industry in the UAE market. His signature & style of blending within unique style of presentation of both cultures has made him the undisputed Man of International Networks and Connections. He can be found bringing his own rich style & Creative concepts in managing projects targeting the youth who are energetic & full of life to follow UAE’s strategies to create positivity in the happiest Nation in the world.
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