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Caroline Miage, Le Châtelet en Brie, France
Nationality: French

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Le Châtelet en Brie, France

After having lived in London for years, I moved to France. Being completely bilingual in english and french, I worked as a dialogue coach on feature films, translated and adapted scripts and plays into french. I have always loved composing songs on my piano without ever showing them to anyone. And then I suddenly had the idea to send my tape to Roger Pouly, the great pianist of the famous Charles Trénet. Roger loved my songs in french and decided to orchestrate them. I was then selected by My Major Company and thanks to the financial support of the public who liked my 8 songs, my first album Feuillefeuillée ( now on all the downloading platforms) was recorded. Today I am submitting my new single Slow Attitude, a song I wrote in english and composed on my piano. My Spanish horse Rebonito refusing to do a movement in dressage, inspired this Summer song.




Castle of le Châtelet en Brie | Le Châtelet en brie | 20:00

concert- album Feuillefeuillée


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