Rules and regulations for participants of the “Tabor 600 – Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici music competition”:


Tabor 600 - Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici is a music competition for kids between 6-18 years of age

Competition is divided into three categories; it is based on the grade our participants attend:
  • Zakladka 1 (1-5 grade)
  • Zakladka 2 (6-9 grade)
  • HS (high school)

Competition is organized by the Music World Cup in collaboration with the Town of Tabor and American Spring music festival.

Ambassadors of the competition are: Peter Janda from Olympic, singer/guitarist Lenka Filipová Raymond O’Hora, CEO of Music World Cup, Mirek Váňa, executive producer of the “Tabor 600 – Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici music competition”, Štěpán Pavlík, mayor of Tabor, and Zdenka Součková, director of American Spring festival.

The competition sets to be a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and improvisation. We hope to inspire and accelerate these skills for our participants.


All participants must fill out an electronic application on Music World Cup website . All info must be completed and truthful. Participants hereby agrees that all provided info, including the uploaded video, will be published on website and in other media outlets related to the competition.

Participants, can be individuals or groups, should upload their performance (voice or instrumental) of the Ktoz Su Bozi Bojovnici song. Here are the conditions:

  • Max length of the video is 3 min
  • It is possible to use any form of accompaniment
  • The performance of the participant must be visible and audible on the video
  • Participants can record an instrumental or a voice version of the song. Participants can play any instrument and can sing at the same time; just remember: only one video per contestant. Your version should contain at least one verse and one chorus. It is not necessary to sing the entire song (all verses). You can select any of the lyrics as you please.
  • You can record on your mobile device or a video camera (allowed formats: .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, .avi, .wmv). Please make sure you record always horizontally.
  • Application is free!

  • Participants have no right to arbitration.
  • Organizers have the right to update and/or change the conditions and rules anytime.
  • By entering the competition, the Contestant confirms that he / she has obtained the written consent of all persons, contains these images or the form of the competition entry (or from the parents / legal guardian of another person if he / she is considered a minor in his / her country of residence) and that he / she has obtained ) the necessary rights, licenses, consents and permits to use all material, such as music, images, lyrics and other content of the competition entry. The Contestant further confirms that he / she is ready to use reliable documentation of all subsequent consents, licenses, etc. Failure to obtain individual rights, licenses, consents and permits may result in the Contest Entry being disqualified at the sole discretion of the Contest’s Organizer.
  • Sending the entry form to the competition, the Contestant confirms the authenticity and completeness of the entered data and agrees with its rules, conditions of participation and the wording of the license agreement.


Basic round is from 9/12/2020 to 12/1/2020. Finalists will be chosen by the jury by 12/5/2020. All finalists will be notified via provided email and a complete list will be published on the Music World Cup website on 12/5/2020.

Announcement: September 12

Submission deadline: December 1

Notification for finalists: December 5

Notification for winners: December 12

Award ceremony: December 15


Winners of all categories will be announced on 12/12/2020 via provided email and a complete list will be published on Music World Cup website on 12/12/2020. Main awards will be presented in Tabor on 12/15/2020 - detailed info will be sent to the winners. In the case of Covid restrictions, all awards will be presented virtually.


Based on the category, finalists will receive the following awards: online master classes by Grammy Award winners Olle Romo and Alex Venguer; private online guitar lesson by Petr Janda from the legendary Olympic and Lenka Filipová; online private Effortless Mastery lesson by Kenny Werner; online private lesson by legendary Hollywood composer Teese Ghol (arranging/film scoring); and private online lessons by Berklee College of Music graduates: composition & arranging lesson by Hollywood composer Marcus Schjoval; Jiri Nedoma (piano), Jakub Trasak (violin), Pavel Valdman (drums/percussions), Petr Kroutil (sax/clarinet), Milos Dolezal Jr. (bass), and Ester Wiesnerova (voice), and others; social media strategy consultation by Void Academy; instruments by Rockster, VIP merch from Town of Tabor, DVD/Blu Rays by Filmexport, and also free tickets to concerts by Dream Theater and Metallica in Prague. For the winners of categories Zakladka 1 and Zakladka 2, in addition to previously mentioned awards, we prepared exclusive accommodation for 4 in Hotel Nautilus, lunch with mayor of Tabor, private tour of the Hussites Museum and Tabor’s catacombs, and VIP tickets for Taborska Setkani festival and Americke Jaro Festival in 2021.

The winner of the categorie HS will receive a full scholarship to Aspire- a 5 week summer program at Berklee College of Music (including coach RT airline tickets, and room & board at Berklee’s dormitory) and private online lessons with professors at NYU Steinhardt School of Music.


All instrumental and vocal performances will be evaluated by members of jury: Grammy Award winners Olle Romo and Alex Vengues, Petr Janda - frontman of the legendary Olympic, singer and guitarist Lenka Filipová, Mirek Váňa, Executive Producer of the Tabor 600 – Ktoz Su Bojovnici contest, world renown jazz pianist Kenny Werner, Grammy Award nominees Chandrika Tandon and Mohamed Araki, Raymond O’Hora, Founder & CEO of Music World Cup, Danielle Rudess, managing director of Wisdom Music, Stepan Pavlik, mayor of Town of Tabor, Zdenka Součková, director of American Spring festival, Linda Rybáková - director of Oskar Nedbal Theater in Tabor, singer/composer Ester Wiesnerová, jazz pianist Jiri Nedoma and violinist Jakub Trasak.

The jury will evaluate not only the overall performance but also participant’s creativity, innovative approach, and/or improvisation based on the song. The quality of the recording is not important as long as we can hear and see you perform your rendition of the song. All participants have exclusive/free access to the Library of Inspiration that contains various cover versions of the song by world renowned musicians – here you can hear/see a number of different renditions of the song from jazz to EDM – all for the participants to get their own creativity going.


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